Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary complex weave of steel pipes, commonly used for construction, renovation, and building maintenance purposes. Scaffolding provides workers, cleaners, painters, sports fans, maintenance personnel and heavy equipment with a safe and heavy-duty landing. Traditionally, scaffolding was a temporary framework of bamboo sticks held together with rope and other fasteners, used construction for decades together. Even today, some builders and construction workers use bamboo and other wood pole scaffolds in their processes.

Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Scaffolding and its varying types are indispensable, reliable and cost-effective components of various commercial processes.

installation of scaffolding

 Although scaffolds are primarily used in the construction Industry, they have other applications as well, some of which include:

Temporary seating

If you’ve ever been to a sports event, a concert at a park or any other spectator event, you definitely would’ve noticed the huge temporary seating structures and raised platforms.

temporary seating using scaffolding

These structures use heavy duty scaffolds as their main framework, which has a high weight-bearing capacity. Heavy-duty scaffolding systems are capable of supporting any crowds, from a hundred to thousands. This complex metal framework is an ideal solution for temporary or semi-permanent spectator seating.

scaffolding used for temporary spectator seating

Renovations & Maintenance

Apart from their applications during construction, scaffolding is also used outside and inside of buildings during renovations, cleaning, painting, and other timely building maintenance services. They are a lot safer than suspended platforms, providing cleaners, painters and maintenance workers with a stronger working platform.

scaffolding used in renovations

Even some of the most well-known buildings and structures like the statue of liberty require the use of scaffolds during renovations.

Lady Liberty being renovated

Event Access, Camera & Lighting

Since scaffolds provide a secure and solid base, with a high weight-bearing capacity, they are also commonly used in events to construct temporary access structures and to mount equipment. Some events like fairs require access bridges to improve venue accessibility and to cater to large crowds. Other events like snow sports require secure ramps and landing platforms which are built and tested by experts.

ramps constructed with scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in all kinds of events, to construct bridges, ramps, and huge frameworks to mount displays, speakers, lighting and other equipment used in large events.

scaffolding-mounted equipment


Scaffolding is also used in advertising, to set up large-size display posters at events, or largely fabricated advertising structures. These huge advertisements are common advertising and marketing strategies used to promote brand names, brand image or specific products. Although these structures are difficult to setup, advertisers can reach a large general or target audience.

Large display advertisements on scaffolds

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