Advantages of Installing Galvanized Steel Gratings

Advantages of Installing Galvanized Steel Gratings

Steel gratings are ideal for industrial use for varied reasons which include low-cost maintenance, a long service life, anti-slip flooring solutions. Durability and the strength to bear the weight of industrial traffic like forklifts and other heavy duty machinery are also some of the reasons why industrialists opt for steel gratings.  Manufacturers of Steel gratings or stainless steel gratings, to ensure that their products provide the longest service life possible even in corrosive environments administer certain treatment finishes that protect the grating from the elements of nature and other corrosive substances.

Hot dip galvanizing is a process where the gratings or steel structures are dipped in molten zinc at 450o Celsius. Many layers of zinc are added to the structure and this process adds a considerable number of years to the life of the steel grating. This process has proven to provide complete protection from corrosive substances because the zinc is not only deposited on the surface but also blends with the alloy of steel to become a unique product.


Some of the advantages of installing gratings that are galvanized are as follows:

A longer service life:

A hot dip galvanized steel structure can be of service for more than thirty years even when exposed to the most corrosive environments. They are also ideal for outdoor applications and can withstand the elements of nature and still provide a long service life.

Maintenance Costs:

The maintenance costs of the steel gratings are reduced considerably because once galvanized the grating does not need painting or further maintenance.  This makes them economical and ideal for any application both domestic and industrial.


When the gratings or steel structures are immersed in zinc, the entire structure is coated with zinc inside and out. The gratings are protected from scratches or abrasions when they come into physical contact with machinery or footfall.


The hot-dip galvanization process could be applied to any structure of any shape and size.


A hot dip galvanized grating would have a glossy look and would appear more appealing to customers and would give industries in which they are installed an aesthetic appearance.


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