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Why Steel Staircases Trump Others

Why Steel Staircases Trump Others

Stainless steel is a durable, aesthetic, and economic option for anyone looking to invest in the infrastructure of their construction projects or home improvement. When it comes to steel as a vital part of building, there is no one who understands this more than us, at Oasis Metals.

There are multiple reasons why steel staircases are miles ahead of their counterparts made out of other materials. We’ve listed a few of the main ones below. If there is a reason you think steel staircases, and handrails are your personal favourite choice, send us a message or leave a comment telling us why.

  1. They are much more durable in areas prone to bad weather. While they aren’t invincible, or magically invulnerable to all kinds of damage, there are more ways to ensure that a steel staircase is far longer lasting than any other materials.
  2. They can be designed to sit into any stylistic frame you want. For instance, if you want a steel staircase for its durability and ease of maintenance, but think it might not fit into your art deco design theme, you can always have the steel treated to give it the appearance of wood etc.
  3. They’re versatile and are not restricted to only indoor or outdoor installations. If you have a facility that has a roofed stairwell that still has the stairs exposed, steel staircases will still be suitable.
  4. They are hardy and easy to maintain, regardless of how much hard use they see. Especially when you consider the ones used in factories, warehouses, and other industrial locations, like construction sites or storage units.
  5. They can be designed to be as stylish or as utilitarian as needed. The pictures below show a stairwell in a modern design loft in an office building and another one in the workmen’s access in a building under construction. While the materials for both are the same, the presentation is completely different, based on the location of the stairway, and how it fits into the overall appearance of the building. 

Their durability and ease of maintenance for industrial usage mainly is worth a separate mention. In a factory or industrial manufacturing unit, the key necessity for any kind of fabrication that exists within the facility is the ability to be easily maintained under constant rough usage. There are some instances where there might be contact or secondary contact with chemicals, and steel staircases can be treated to withstand the same.

Clouds of Steel – Metal in Artwork and Industry

Clouds of Steel – Metal in Artwork and Industry

The words Stainless Steel immediately conjures up images of large, impersonal structures like construction sites or the equipment used at them. But steel itself is a versatile, and highly useful metal. We’ve seen it’s unbeatable tensile strength in the many industrial projects we’ve used it in, and we’ve seen it used in artwork or other instances we might not have considered at first.

The “Cloud Gate” sculpture in the Millennium Park in Chicago is the first public outdoor work installed in the US by artist Anish Kapoor. The 110 ten elliptical sculpture is also called the ‘Chicago Bean’ and reflects the city’s famous skyline, and the clouds above. Made of a seamless series of highly polished stainless steel plates, the piece is evocative of absolute awe when one sees it for the first time.



The 12 foot high ‘gate’ is a concave chamber underneath it, which allows visitors to get up close and personal with the artwork, and adds a fun element to what could have been just an imposing sight. Visitors can touch the steel and view themselves in different angles, distorting their reflections in strange and funny ways. Inspired by the appearance of liquid mercury, and standing at a height of 33 feet with a length of 66 feet, the structure is among the largest of its kind in the world.

At Oasis Metals, we believe that not everything has to be forced into one single mold. For example while steel gratings seem to have applications restricted to the industrial and construction spaces, they are also easily used by artists or entrepreneurs who have the vision to look outside the box. While gratings are most commonly used in the staircases, covers or other items used in construction, they can also be customised and used in smaller projects like DIY home fixes or refurbishments. Specially treated gratings can be installed for a more solid, safe approach to a treehouse. A child’s playhouse can be reinforced and stabilised with the handrails and ladders we manufacture.

On the other hand, your factory will benefit from the reliability of our stairways and scaffolding, while your mind is at peace because of our reputation for being safety conscious. The quality of our work is judged by the trust our clients place in us because of their own past experiences. They return time and again, because of our penchant for finding what they need, and then meeting and exceeding those expectations.

The possible combinations and permutations for the different gratings we manufacture is highly varied, and gives room for multiple different personalizations. Like with artists, we take the time to stand back and look at the bigger picture. If there is a combination of gratings or orders that would work better for a client, we make sure to research it, and then suggest it to them, backed up with hard data, and clear cut examples of it. Like the Cloud Gate in Chicago, we reflect what we are shown, and change the reflections based on how best it would work in the given situation.

Top 5 steel structures in the world

Top 5 steel structures in the world

Since the 20th-century, steel has been utilized to a great extent in the construction industry. Steel has become one of the most used building materials around the world. The characteristics that make it an ideal material for the construction of tall structures are its strength, durability and the ease with which it could be fabricated and even buildings that are constructed with concrete are reinforced with steel. Steel structures last for centuries and it is the durability of steel that encourages industrialists to construct warehouses and other facilities with steel.  Some of the most famous structures in the world are constructed with steel and they stand as evidence of the high strength and durability of the metal. Some of the most famous steel structures around the world are:

The Eiffel Tower: one of the most famous steel structures in the world that was constructed and 1889. This steel structure is not only the most recognizable steel structure but has stood as a symbol of the nation of France and has been used by the French for communication and has lasted for over 120 years.


Burj Khalifa: The world’s tallest building that stands at a height of 829.8 meters also stands as an example of eco-friendly steel architecture. The bundled tube design of the Burj Khalifa is an innovation of the 21st century and the building has only consumed half the amount of steel used for the construction of the Empire State Building in the USA. Steel was not only used for the construction of the structure but also for various other purposes such as floor drains and so on. There are about 3500 stainless steel shaped gratings that were used in the interiors of the Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower at a height of 828 metres (2,717 feet), stands in Dubai March 5, 2012. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Tags: SOCIETY CITYSPACE) - RTR2YV3I

Empire State Building: Constructed in the year 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world for 40 years until the World Trade Center was constructed in 1971.  This is another edifice that was constructed with a steel frame structure.


The Chrysler Building: This skyscraper is constructed with a steel frame that supports stainless steel cladding. A stainless steel cladding is one of the materials that offer the best insulation.

Willis Tower: Willis Tower is another steel structure which is currently the tallest building in the United States. The building is constructed with a bundled cube structure which supports the steel frame of the building.

The tallest structures in the world have been constructed with steel because of the strength, durability, and resilience of the metal and besides, buildings that are ornamental steel is also used for the construction of industrial facilities.

Why Install Steel Stair Treads

Why Install Steel Stair Treads

Steel Gratings are of immense use when it comes to floor applications. There are umpteen applications in which metal gratings are required. When used in floor application gratings provide the ventilation, proper drainage and slip resistant floors. Steel gratings are also used as stair treads and these characteristics of steel gratings make them an ideal material to be used as stair treads.

Here are some of the benefits of installing steel stair treads:

Durability: Steel stairs are durable and are built to last, and also have a high weight bearing capacity when compared to wood or other materials that are used for the manufacture of stairs. They are also ideal for outdoor applications because the climate has little or no effect on the metal. Galvanized steel is anti-corrosive and is resistant to rust.sst

No additional maintenance required: When steel stair treads are installed they do not require additional staining, varnishing or sealing and because they are resistant to changes in the temperature they will not warp or bend. This makes them ideal for both industrial and domestic applications.


Unique Designs: Steel gratings could be used to create unique designs and add to the aesthetic appeal of a building. They could be installed in curving stairs or other ornately designed staircases. Steel is a highly flexible metal and can be fabricated to almost any specification.


Cost-effective installation and maintenance: Steel gratings are fabricated and are available with the required fixing clips. If anyone is looking for an easy DIY project installing your steel stair treads could be one of them. The strength that steel stair treads provide makes them ideal for industrial applications because they are an economical and last for decades. When it comes to regular maintenance steel stair treads require little or no maintenance. Structural components of the stairs do not need to be replaced and they do not need to be painted. They are a great long term investment.

Steel Gratings and Stylistic Outdoor Decor

Steel Gratings and Stylistic Outdoor Decor

Steel Gratings have been used in architectural designs for ages together for various applications. Although Gratings are most known for their uses in Industries and in different industrial sectors, their applications are not restricted to industrial use alone. Steel Gratings are notable for their special properties, such as resistance to fire and weather, strength, durability and low maintenance requirements. Being weatherproof and resistant to the corrosive forces of nature, standard steel and coated gratings are an ideal option for use in outdoor architecture and decor.

Gratings can be used for almost any outdoor applications from flooring, walling or roofing purposes. We at Oasis Metal manufacture all kinds of Steel Gratings and accessories as well as other steel products like handrails, designed to provide homes with modern home decor that lasts a lifetime. We manufacture specially engineered shaped gratings for all kinds of applications, custom size stair treads, and gratings in a wide range of specifications. A few cool and creative ideas on the perfect outdoor and garden decor and structures include decks, fireplaces, overhead planes and a whole lot more.

Outdoor Home Applications of Steel Gratings

Steel is extremely durable, and our gratings are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. With several variations in design, make and finish, we can help you choose the ideal type of gratings that best suit your needs. Here are a few ways you could use our gratings to make your home unique and creative:

Outdoor Decks and Patios

Outdoor decks are usually flat elevated surfaces in a backyard or connected to a house. Using galvanized or stainless steel gratings as deck or patio surfaces is extremely practical. Although gratings are manufactured with variations in thickness and design, our steel gratings are designed to last.

Our gratings can stand the test of time, and are suitable for outdoor use, as they do not get damaged easily. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink, water or any other liquid on your patio or deck surface, as it would just pass through the vented floor. Steel Grating Decks and patios are also easy to maintain, giving you some ease of mind in the long run.


Driveway floors are usually made of concrete because of its high load-bearing requirements. Heavy-duty steel gratings are specially designed and engineered to withstand heavy weights, up to 4 times that of standard gratings. Heavy-duty steel gratings are realistic, reasonable and functional alternatives to traditional concrete driveways. These are extremely practical, especially for the provision of a drainage system below, to allow water to flow when you wash your car or even if it rains.

Walkways, Pathways, and Bridges

Steel gratings are absolutely perfect when used to surface pathways, walkways, and bridges, around gardens, over backyard creeks, koi ponds and even deck-side plants. Bridges or even raised walkways can be constructed easily with a steel framework and gratings, with plants growing under them. This allows the plants to receive enough sunlight while providing you with a strong, durable, weather-resistant and easily maintainable walkway. These raised or grounded platforms can be used for multiple purposes, to lay a full drainage system under or to lead to an outdoor deck, garage or workhouse.

Balconies and Overhead planes

Balconies are protruding platforms, on the sides of buildings with access from windows and doors on upper floors. Balcones are required to have high weight-bearing capacities to bear the weight of two or more people. Using heavy duty or galvanized steel gratings for this is extremely practical. Not only do they serve their main purpose, they are also extremely appealing and a perfect blend of architectural ingenuity and modern aesthetic. Outdoor overhead planes, especially those that incorporate gratings are mainly used to filter light and provide sufficient privacy while maintaining proper open ventilation.

Some other creative home and outdoor home applications of steel gratings could also include Fire pit grill tops, Steel stairs using gratings, ramps, table tops, fencing, pool borders, tree ground borders, and much more. To known more about our standard, special treated and coated gratings, visit our website.

Stainless Steel Handrails – why are they ideal

Stainless Steel Handrails – why are they ideal

We all known that Stainless Steel is one of the most used steel alloys in industries and homes around the world. Ever wondered what makes stainless steel so popular?
Stainless steel isn’t popular because they’re shiny and because you can see your reflection in them, obviously. However, their physical and visual characteristics do play a significant role in why they are so popular. The main reason as to why Stainless steel and stainless steel products are so extremely popular in homes, offices, and industries are their special resistive and durable characteristics. This steel alloy brings a lot to the table and can be used in a wide range of industrial, home and several other applications.
Stainless steel is generally mass produced, custom fabricated or used in the production of durable consumer and semi-finished goods. These goods include a whole spectrum of products and goods used in our everyday lives. Metal fabrication, automobile customization and fabrication, ship building, and home decor are just a few uses of this alloy. Stainless steel is also used in more domestic products, used in almost every home, office, commercial and public building in the world like handrails, door handles, safety railings, and so on. Handrails are designed to provide stability and support while climbing stairs or using an escalator. These rails are typically post-mounted or wall mounted, and are manufactured to comply with various strength and quality regulations, clearances and specifications. Handrails are manufactured with a number of variations, such as size, design and the types of material used like wood, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Handrails are designed to provide stability and support while climbing stairs or using an escalator. These rails are typically post-mounted or wall mounted, and are manufactured to comply with various strength and quality regulations, clearances and specifications. Handrails are manufactured with a number of variations, such as size, design and the types of material used like wood, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Why Stainless Steel Handrails?

Stainless steel and its unmatched qualities make them the perfect choice for handrails, and here’s why:

Modern Aesthetic Design

Like I said before, Looks matter when it comes to choosing fittings and decor for your home, office or other private, public or commercial facility. Stainless steel, with its shiny reflective surface, makes for good appeal, while serving the primary purpose of a handrail. Being a metal, these handrails can be molded, fabricated and custom made to fit any specifications or designs. Even any standard or minimal design provides your home or facility with a nice, modern, elegant feel.


According to most local, regional and international safety standards and regulations, it is mandatory that handrails meet certain specifications. This is mainly to ensure that handrails provide safety and support, thereby serving their primary purpose. Stainless Steel is a steel alloy that is extremely durable and resistant to various damaging and corrosive elements. Unlike wood, stainless steel does not bend or warp and is resistant to fire and other damaging elements like saltwater. Its extreme resistance to weather and fire, and its non-rusting properties make it ideal for outdoor applications too.

Easy Maintenance

Stainless steel handrails generally require little or no maintenance. They can be easily cleaned, and are not prone to getting damaged or ruined easily, reducing the need for timely replacements and repairs. Extra care like polishing and shining these handrails is about all that needs to be done to make them shine. They do not require polish and remain well-maintained even in the harshest of climates, which is one of the reasons they are used in various industrial establishments.


Stainless steel is inexpensive, or not as expensive as its alternatives when it comes to handrails. Being economical and extreme value for money is icing on the cake, adding to its popularity among both modern and elegant as well as price-conscious people.

Stainless Steel has been in use for ages together, and its aesthetic appeal will always remain. These advantages are not all, but some of the reasons why people prefer to used stainless steel products in their homes, offices and other buildings. The uses of steel and its alloys extend to more than just functionality, they can be used in art, to build some of the most well-known Steel structures in the world, and in a wide range of indoor and office and home decor. There are a lot more applications for steel and steel products like gratings, scaffolding, ladders, etc. Visit our company website to known more about the products and services we offer.

Grate Furniture Ideas – Steel Gratings in Furniture

Grate Furniture Ideas – Steel Gratings in Furniture

We all have an idea what steel gratings are and are aware of their applications in Industries, households, agriculture, transport and public sectors. Steel gratings come a large number of variations, which are suitable for many different standard and special applications, especially in industrial establishments. Floor gratings and mezzanines are commonly found in distilleries, breweries, treatment facilities, production plants, and in several other industries. However, they have also been incorporated in commercial spaces, homes and public facilities because of their functionality, easy installation, strength, durability and easy maintenance.

At Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC, we manufacture specially engineered steel gratings, which are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our products are specially treated and come in several variations for you to choose from. Although Steel gratings are generally used to build solid, secure structures and incorporated in buildings during construction, gratings can also be utilized in small and creative applications.

Steel gratings in furniture

generally, when you think about furniture, you think about wood, steel and plastic, and a whole spectrum of items from cabinets to beds. Put plastic and steel aside for now, and think about furniture, fittings and home accessories that are built with or incorporate steel gratings. If you can’t think of anything, here are a few creative, ingenious and artistic implementations of steel gratings in home furnishing.

Center Tables

Center tables are at the heart of your living room, and a unique center table can make your living space look completely unique. Incorporating gratings in your furniture, such as the table in the image, adds a rustic yet elegant and aesthetically appealing fell to your home.

modern furniture - steel gratings used in center tables
Coated or standard steel gratings can also be added as tabletops to broken or damaged tables, thereby reducing wastage while saving money and repurposing old furniture. This is a great way to repurpose furniture with sentimental value and to add unique components to make your home unique and appealing.

center table with a steel grate table-top


Stainless steel or standard steel gratings can be used to construct roller workbenches or stationary benches. Fixing roller wheels on the legs can help protect your floor from getting scraped and scratched when moving furniture around.

workbench made of steel gratings


These benches are far more comfortable than they look and are strong enough to bear extreme weights. Grates are also used to construct public benches in parks, bus stands, and other public places.

public park benches

Fireplace Log Rack Gratings

Gratings provide the perfect fireplace log racks. They can be custom made and designed to your specifications, and to fit your fireplace perfectly. Make your home look even hotter with custom, modern, and unique fireplace log racks. Steel gratings can also be used as

fireplace log rack gatings

Steel gratings can also be used as fire pit and fire sphere-top grills for a fun barbecue night, camping trip or outdoor party.

Decorative Furniture

Shiny new stainless steel gratings or old worn iron gratings can be used to create unique decorative and artsy furniture pieces. They can be made to look antique and elegant or even like an artistic steampunk masterpiece, both being appealing in their own way.

decorative steel table


Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary complex weave of steel pipes, commonly used for construction, renovation, and building maintenance purposes. Scaffolding provides workers, cleaners, painters, sports fans, maintenance personnel and heavy equipment with a safe and heavy-duty landing. Traditionally, scaffolding was a temporary framework of bamboo sticks held together with rope and other fasteners, used construction for decades together. Even today, some builders and construction workers use bamboo and other wood pole scaffolds in their processes.

Commercial uses of Scaffolding

Scaffolding and its varying types are indispensable, reliable and cost-effective components of various commercial processes.

installation of scaffolding

 Although scaffolds are primarily used in the construction Industry, they have other applications as well, some of which include:

Temporary seating

If you’ve ever been to a sports event, a concert at a park or any other spectator event, you definitely would’ve noticed the huge temporary seating structures and raised platforms.

temporary seating using scaffolding

These structures use heavy duty scaffolds as their main framework, which has a high weight-bearing capacity. Heavy-duty scaffolding systems are capable of supporting any crowds, from a hundred to thousands. This complex metal framework is an ideal solution for temporary or semi-permanent spectator seating.

scaffolding used for temporary spectator seating

Renovations & Maintenance

Apart from their applications during construction, scaffolding is also used outside and inside of buildings during renovations, cleaning, painting, and other timely building maintenance services. They are a lot safer than suspended platforms, providing cleaners, painters and maintenance workers with a stronger working platform.

scaffolding used in renovations

Even some of the most well-known buildings and structures like the statue of liberty require the use of scaffolds during renovations.

Lady Liberty being renovated

Event Access, Camera & Lighting

Since scaffolds provide a secure and solid base, with a high weight-bearing capacity, they are also commonly used in events to construct temporary access structures and to mount equipment. Some events like fairs require access bridges to improve venue accessibility and to cater to large crowds. Other events like snow sports require secure ramps and landing platforms which are built and tested by experts.

ramps constructed with scaffolding

Scaffolding is used in all kinds of events, to construct bridges, ramps, and huge frameworks to mount displays, speakers, lighting and other equipment used in large events.

scaffolding-mounted equipment


Scaffolding is also used in advertising, to set up large-size display posters at events, or largely fabricated advertising structures. These huge advertisements are common advertising and marketing strategies used to promote brand names, brand image or specific products. Although these structures are difficult to setup, advertisers can reach a large general or target audience.

Large display advertisements on scaffolds

At Oasis Metal, we manufacture and supply well-engineered scaffolds and a range of scaffolding accessories and products. Visit our website to view our range of products or get in touch with us to know more.

Types of Steel Gratings

Types of Steel Gratings

Gratings are a steel mesh like structure that is manufactured with steel for various purposes; they are used as a cover for floorings and are also placed over opened spaces in the floor or pipes to prevent objects from entering them. Gratings allow light, water, heat to pass through but would hold back any physical body that tries to pass through. It is a combination of bars that form diagonal shapes.

Gratings are manufactured with different specifications based on the application. Some of the commonly used gratings are riveted gratings, pressure locked gratings and Welded gratings.

Riveted Gratings:tg1

Riveted gratings have the capacity to carry repetitive loads and also offer a great resistance to impact and fatigue. It also provides stability and distribution of loads this is a huge advantage riveted gratings has over the other kinds of steel gratings. Riveted gratings are the choice most often opted for.

Riveted gratings are also comfortable to walk on and the first choice when bearing heavy loads and vehicular traffic are part of the application. Riveted gratings are best suited for bridge applications, highway traffic, and industrial traffic and lift traffic. Riveted gratings are manufactured with a variety of metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Pressure locked Gratings:

Pressure locked gratings have a pleasing appearance because of its smooth clean lines and. The advantage of using pressure locked gratings is that these gratings are flexible and provide more opportunity to be molded into various designs.

Welded steel gratings:

Welded steel gratings are known for its durability and have a number of applications. They are used in commercial buildings and industries and are also utilized for walkways, safety barriers, ventilation grates and drainage covers.

Steel Your Appetite – Steel Gratings for your Kitchen

Steel Your Appetite – Steel Gratings for your Kitchen

Stainless steel gratings are economic, durable and appealing and are well-known for their diverse applications from Industrial flooring to home decor and shower floors. To most people, the only images that come to mind with regard to steel gratings are industrial floors and other applications that we see every day like those on pavements, curbs, and parking areas. Gratings are designed to provide proper ventilation or flow of air or water, anti-slip surfaces in industries, and floor covers with low maintenance requirements.

Apart from the more traditional and common uses of steel gratings in construction, public facilities, commercial spaces, and in industrial and manufacturing establishments, and their home uses in gardens and backyards, these gratings can also be used in home kitchens, professional kitchens, bars, and breweries. Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook, or even a normal person who has friends over for a couple of drinks or a party, and you’re tired of cleaning up when you spill something, you should consider installing floor grates with a drainage or filtration system underneath.

Uses of Steel Gratings in Kitchens

Gratings can be incorporated into your countertops, floors, or even at the entry of your pantry. Channels or narrow drains can be constructed or laid under the gratings, leading to an outlet, preventing your kitchen floor from flooding.

Bar and counter top steel gratings

Kitchen counters and bar tops are the most common places where we tend to keep out bowls, glasses, and mugs. We frequently tend to drop or knock over our glasses and bowls unintentionally, causing a mess. In other cases, leaving a cold bottle of water or a glass of cold water on a counter, causes the bottle to sweat, i.e. water to drip down the sides. Both these problems can be addressed by installing a drain channel into your kitchen counters and bar cabinets.

Counter-top Steel Gratings

These drain channels are commonly made using stainless steel to prevent it from rusting or deterring, fitted with a steel grate or custom design grating on the surface. Using Stainless steel gratings as surface covers can also add to the beauty and overall appeal of your kitchen or bar.

Floor gratings

Stainless steel gratings or floor grates can be installed in patterns or designs, incorporated into all kinds of flooring. Generally, these grates cover openings to underground drains, or drain channels, which are used to dispose of water and other liquids that spill or leak onto the kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Steel Gratings and Drain Channel

Floor grating strips are commonly found in almost every professional kitchen, around counters and along the middle of the floor. These steel gratings and drains not only help remove and dispose of water from the kitchen floor, it also provides an ease of cleaning up spilled soup, sauce and other liquids.

Sink Grids and Grates

Sick grids and grates are must-haves if you like to spend your time in the kitchen and do your own dishes. Sink grids are steel grates or thick mesh grids that elevate items in your sink so that the drain does not get blocked. Sink cover steel gratings are like typical sink covers with integrated steel gratings. These extend your countertops over sinks to provide you with more workspace in the kitchen, with grates to allow water to drain into the sink.

At Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC, we manufacture steel gratings for all kinds of applications. Visit our website to know more, view our products or to avail our services.