How Metal Can Music Be?

How Metal Can Music Be?

While music as a hobby in and of itself has long been around, heavy metal as a genre can only be loved or hated. There is no in between. There are no indifferent reactions. Today’s post is about a different kind of ‘metal music’ where we look at the different musical instruments that are solely made of metal.

Instruments like these are all designed with the intention of creating wondrous music, and the tunes will depend on the density of the chosen metal, the shape, whether is is hollow or not. Every tiny detail is dependant on the smallest difference.

Take for instance, the xylophone. While a percussion instrument, the density of the steel used, the length of the steel rod, the force with which the rod is struck, and the material used to strike it. The smallest change would affect the sound and overall tone of the instrument altogether. The image below is an illustration of a typical xylophone, while obviously there might be differences in the authentic pieces.

The flute on the other hand, while mainly made of steel, can also be made of reed or wood. Regardless, although made of metal, it is still considered a wind instrument, because the musicality of it lies in the way the wind passes through the metal shaft and is affected by the openings left alongside it.

The perfect combination of the two would be the example of the Jamaican steel drums. Also called Jamaican pans or Caribbean pans, they depend on a combination of metal density, and suspension to produce the most unique sounds.

All of these musical instruments came about by many years of experimentation with the local populace and musicians to achieve the current tone they have for the moment. If it were possible to cut out all the trials and errors, to cut through the mistakes and experimentation, and arrive at the solution immediately, it might have saved a lot of time. Musicians would dismiss that process as removing a certain quality from the art of creating music. But a businessman or a manufacturer will tell you, that experimentation takes up a lot of time. Time that might be best spent on improving quality of goods, or services.

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