Grate Furniture Ideas – Steel Gratings in Furniture

Grate Furniture Ideas – Steel Gratings in Furniture

We all have an idea what steel gratings are and are aware of their applications in Industries, households, agriculture, transport and public sectors. Steel gratings come a large number of variations, which are suitable for many different standard and special applications, especially in industrial establishments. Floor gratings and mezzanines are commonly found in distilleries, breweries, treatment facilities, production plants, and in several other industries. However, they have also been incorporated in commercial spaces, homes and public facilities because of their functionality, easy installation, strength, durability and easy maintenance.

At Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC, we manufacture specially engineered steel gratings, which are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our products are specially treated and come in several variations for you to choose from. Although Steel gratings are generally used to build solid, secure structures and incorporated in buildings during construction, gratings can also be utilized in small and creative applications.

Steel gratings in furniture

generally, when you think about furniture, you think about wood, steel and plastic, and a whole spectrum of items from cabinets to beds. Put plastic and steel aside for now, and think about furniture, fittings and home accessories that are built with or incorporate steel gratings. If you can’t think of anything, here are a few creative, ingenious and artistic implementations of steel gratings in home furnishing.

Center Tables

Center tables are at the heart of your living room, and a unique center table can make your living space look completely unique. Incorporating gratings in your furniture, such as the table in the image, adds a rustic yet elegant and aesthetically appealing fell to your home.

modern furniture - steel gratings used in center tables
Coated or standard steel gratings can also be added as tabletops to broken or damaged tables, thereby reducing wastage while saving money and repurposing old furniture. This is a great way to repurpose furniture with sentimental value and to add unique components to make your home unique and appealing.

center table with a steel grate table-top


Stainless steel or standard steel gratings can be used to construct roller workbenches or stationary benches. Fixing roller wheels on the legs can help protect your floor from getting scraped and scratched when moving furniture around.

workbench made of steel gratings


These benches are far more comfortable than they look and are strong enough to bear extreme weights. Grates are also used to construct public benches in parks, bus stands, and other public places.

public park benches

Fireplace Log Rack Gratings

Gratings provide the perfect fireplace log racks. They can be custom made and designed to your specifications, and to fit your fireplace perfectly. Make your home look even hotter with custom, modern, and unique fireplace log racks. Steel gratings can also be used as

fireplace log rack gatings

Steel gratings can also be used as fire pit and fire sphere-top grills for a fun barbecue night, camping trip or outdoor party.

Decorative Furniture

Shiny new stainless steel gratings or old worn iron gratings can be used to create unique decorative and artsy furniture pieces. They can be made to look antique and elegant or even like an artistic steampunk masterpiece, both being appealing in their own way.

decorative steel table


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