Why Steel Staircases Trump Others

Why Steel Staircases Trump Others

Stainless steel is a durable, aesthetic, and economic option for anyone looking to invest in the infrastructure of their construction projects or home improvement. When it comes to steel as a vital part of building, there is no one who understands this more than us, at Oasis Metals.

There are multiple reasons why steel staircases are miles ahead of their counterparts made out of other materials. We’ve listed a few of the main ones below. If there is a reason you think steel staircases, and handrails are your personal favourite choice, send us a message or leave a comment telling us why.

  1. They are much more durable in areas prone to bad weather. While they aren’t invincible, or magically invulnerable to all kinds of damage, there are more ways to ensure that a steel staircase is far longer lasting than any other materials.
  2. They can be designed to sit into any stylistic frame you want. For instance, if you want a steel staircase for its durability and ease of maintenance, but think it might not fit into your art deco design theme, you can always have the steel treated to give it the appearance of wood etc.
  3. They’re versatile and are not restricted to only indoor or outdoor installations. If you have a facility that has a roofed stairwell that still has the stairs exposed, steel staircases will still be suitable.
  4. They are hardy and easy to maintain, regardless of how much hard use they see. Especially when you consider the ones used in factories, warehouses, and other industrial locations, like construction sites or storage units.
  5. They can be designed to be as stylish or as utilitarian as needed. The pictures below show a stairwell in a modern design loft in an office building and another one in the workmen’s access in a building under construction. While the materials for both are the same, the presentation is completely different, based on the location of the stairway, and how it fits into the overall appearance of the building. 

Their durability and ease of maintenance for industrial usage mainly is worth a separate mention. In a factory or industrial manufacturing unit, the key necessity for any kind of fabrication that exists within the facility is the ability to be easily maintained under constant rough usage. There are some instances where there might be contact or secondary contact with chemicals, and steel staircases can be treated to withstand the same.

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