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The Scaffolding Journal – The History of Scaffolds

The Scaffolding Journal – The History of Scaffolds

Scaffolds have been in use since time immemorial. The earliest recorded use being in the construction of the ancient structures in ‘The Land of Civilization’, Egypt.

wood scaffolding

Scaffolding is one of the most vital components of construction projects, as well as various other industrial and commercial operations. Although its purpose of application remains the same, the types of scaffolds used have evolved over time. The major change in what scaffolding used to be and what scaffolding is today is in the materials used. The main reason for this change in material from traditional bamboo and wood scaffolds to modern steel and alloy scaffolds is safety.

scaffolding in Egypt

Egypt is home to marvelous huge ancient structures that are so remarkable that they are said to be built by aliens ages ago. In truth, however, Ancient Egypt and other ancient civilizations had knowledge of engineering and construction practices that were far ahead of their time. The Pyramids and statues of Ancient Egypt we constructed by slaves / laborers under the rule of the Pharaohs. They used wooden scaffolding to lift huge stones and place them at the right places, guided by highly-skilled engineers. These wood scaffolds were also used as a base for workers to carve detailed statues out of colossal rocks or blocks of stone, from the top to the bottom.

Scaffolding in India

Moving to the far East, to countries like China and India, not as far back in time as Ancient Egypt, Bamboo and wood poles have been used in construction. The use of bamboo and wood poles to form scaffoldings dates back decades, maybe even centuries ago, and is still prevalent in some parts of the East. Bamboo is extremely flexible, strong and durable, capable of bearing heavy weights when bound properly. The use of bamboo scaffolds in construction proved to be ideal due to its high resistance and strength. The bamboo or wood poles were bound together using ropes to prevent them from slipping and sliding and to form a strong, stable structure. Although, in time as steel was adopted in most countries and by most construction companies, many still use bamboo and wood to construct scaffoldings today.

modern scaffolding

Advancing forward, scaffolds have never been more different, safe or secure as they are today. Modern scaffolding or the base of what scaffolding is today was first introduced in the early 20th century. These scaffolding were metal fixings like clamps and mounts were introduced to replace ropes to hold scaffolds together. As time went by, and there was rapid development in every field, through the innovation and development brought about by the industrial age, there was a transformation in the construction sector. The requirements of scaffolding were diversified and increased to cater to the construction of tall buildings and skyscrapers. To satisfy these requirements metal, steel and alloy scaffoldings were engineered and manufactured.

Today, scaffolding can be classified into various types that service specific and standard purposes. The types of scaffolding used in the Construction Industry today include:

  • Single,
  • Double,
  • Cantilever,
  • Suspended,
  • Patented,
  • Trestle, and
  • Steel Scaffolding.

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