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Why Use Steel Gratings for Walls and Partitions. 

Why Use Steel Gratings for Walls and Partitions. 

Interior and Exterior décor has taken a huge turn over the last decade, integrating a wide range of resources in their designs. This includes the use of rustic and recycled items found in industrial and antique settings, in designs that are both modern, minimal and appealing. Today, landscape and building architects integrate materials like steel gratings, wood, and metal features into their designs, for their work to stand out from the norm. These designs are planned to sate both visual appeal, as well as to offer a functional advantage.

While gratings are almost always linked with industries, workshops and public places, they are also ideal when used as walls, partitions, and floors in homes. In this post, we’re going to look at a few reasons why using steel gratings for walls and partitions are a good idea. Below are a few reasons as to why gratings are ideal for use as walls and partitions.

Reasons Why Steel Gratings Make Ideal Walls & Partitions:


Steel Gratings are made to endure constant use under intense conditions with little or no damage. They are designed for industrial use, to withstand most threats that cause damage like wear, heavy loads, and factors that cause steel to corrode. Gratings made with stainless steel are strong and resilient against chemicals, rust, the weather and other corroding agents. 


Being highly durable, when fixed or used as walls and partitions, these items are sure to last for a long time. This, by itself, is a good enough factor for most people.

Low Cost

Most people are open to unusual ways to cut costs during construction. Gratings cost less than the cost of aggregates (cement, bricks, etc.) it takes to build a wall to fill the same space. Apart from lower costs while constructing, gratings have little maintenance needs, which results in lower maintenance costs in the long run. With lower immediate and long term costs, steel gratings are sure to make your wallet happy.


Easy to Maintain

Steel gratings are not that easily worn or damaged and require little or no maintenance. Unlike walls, they do not ‘require’ timely repairs and painting, but can be painted to enhance its features and appeal. A quick wipe, wash and spray and these gratings are as good as new again. When used as exterior walls, they are usually installed as an outer layer to protect glass walls, windows and slider doors.



Since gratings are made up of a network of metal bars and rods, they provide high ventilation with ample privacy. Since privacy is always an issue, for most people, even though gratings provide enough privacy, fittings like curtains and blinds can also be used.



Steel gratings are highly versatile in their use. They can be used as partitions, gates or walls, or even as a surface for plants to grow on. The possibilities when it comes to using gratings as and in walls are endless. Here are a few ways that you can use gratings at home,

  • They can be used to build a moat bridge, which can be lifted to form a part of the wall or a door.
  • They can be used to build both permanent and temporary partitions.
  • They can also be used as guard rails and hand rails along stairs and raised platforms, as well as to partition staircases.
  • They can be used to build border walls, attached to support posts or even be turned into slider doors.


Be it indoors or out, steel gratings have a high potential to be used in any design.

Visual Appeal

Gratings are very appealing and can fit in with any theme – modern, rustic, chic or glam. Steel grates can be used either purely for a decorative intent or to add to the features of the building. They can be used together with wood, stone and metal to create unique custom partitions and all units.


Gratings can be purchased at stores that deal with metal and steel products like grates, gratings, and rails. They can also be purchased at lower costs and custom made to your requirements from manufacturer outlets. Visit Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC to get more details about the specs, features and costs of standard and shaped steel gratings in UAE.

Steel Your Appetite – Steel Gratings for your Kitchen

Steel Your Appetite – Steel Gratings for your Kitchen

Stainless steel gratings are economic, durable and appealing and are well-known for their diverse applications from Industrial flooring to home decor and shower floors. To most people, the only images that come to mind with regard to steel gratings are industrial floors and other applications that we see every day like those on pavements, curbs, and parking areas. Gratings are designed to provide proper ventilation or flow of air or water, anti-slip surfaces in industries, and floor covers with low maintenance requirements.

Apart from the more traditional and common uses of steel gratings in construction, public facilities, commercial spaces, and in industrial and manufacturing establishments, and their home uses in gardens and backyards, these gratings can also be used in home kitchens, professional kitchens, bars, and breweries. Whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook, or even a normal person who has friends over for a couple of drinks or a party, and you’re tired of cleaning up when you spill something, you should consider installing floor grates with a drainage or filtration system underneath.

Uses of Steel Gratings in Kitchens

Gratings can be incorporated into your countertops, floors, or even at the entry of your pantry. Channels or narrow drains can be constructed or laid under the gratings, leading to an outlet, preventing your kitchen floor from flooding.

Bar and counter top steel gratings

Kitchen counters and bar tops are the most common places where we tend to keep out bowls, glasses, and mugs. We frequently tend to drop or knock over our glasses and bowls unintentionally, causing a mess. In other cases, leaving a cold bottle of water or a glass of cold water on a counter, causes the bottle to sweat, i.e. water to drip down the sides. Both these problems can be addressed by installing a drain channel into your kitchen counters and bar cabinets.

Counter-top Steel Gratings

These drain channels are commonly made using stainless steel to prevent it from rusting or deterring, fitted with a steel grate or custom design grating on the surface. Using Stainless steel gratings as surface covers can also add to the beauty and overall appeal of your kitchen or bar.

Floor gratings

Stainless steel gratings or floor grates can be installed in patterns or designs, incorporated into all kinds of flooring. Generally, these grates cover openings to underground drains, or drain channels, which are used to dispose of water and other liquids that spill or leak onto the kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Steel Gratings and Drain Channel

Floor grating strips are commonly found in almost every professional kitchen, around counters and along the middle of the floor. These steel gratings and drains not only help remove and dispose of water from the kitchen floor, it also provides an ease of cleaning up spilled soup, sauce and other liquids.

Sink Grids and Grates

Sick grids and grates are must-haves if you like to spend your time in the kitchen and do your own dishes. Sink grids are steel grates or thick mesh grids that elevate items in your sink so that the drain does not get blocked. Sink cover steel gratings are like typical sink covers with integrated steel gratings. These extend your countertops over sinks to provide you with more workspace in the kitchen, with grates to allow water to drain into the sink.

At Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC, we manufacture steel gratings for all kinds of applications. Visit our website to know more, view our products or to avail our services.