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Steel Your Favourite Flora!

Steel Your Favourite Flora!

With these steel framed greenhouses, it doesn’t matter if the flowers you love can’t grow in your local climates. A little technological ingenuity backed up with some engineering excellence, ensure you can have beautiful blooms in your home all year through.

Greenhouses have long been favoured by those who aren’t too happy with allowing small inconveniences like unsuitable weather, preventing them from being able to raise and enjoy flowers and other flora of their choice. Having a privately owned greenhouse used to be a luxury that not many could afford before. But with new technological advances and better equipment, it is more accessible than ever.

For instance, at Oasis Metals, we custom make shaped gratings to your specifications to suit a wide range of requirements. If a greenhouse is what you’d like to construct, then we can fulfil all your needs.

We are happy to work with your designers for a business like a nursery or a florist, where you might need a larger greenhouse, or multiple facilities with different requirements for each one, depending on the varieties of the plants one wants to cultivate.

Our sales team would be happy to work with you to make sure that we cover all the bases of your needs.

Whether you have a home with sprawling grounds, or a small backyard that you’d like to use, we can easily provide you with the products you will need for the frame and support work.

The steel framework is sturdy enough to survive the wear and tear of a low maintenance house schedule.

It is also much more resistant to the elements than other materials and therefore lasts much longer. This translates to your money spent being an investment rather than an expense.

Most greenhouses are a frame that is then covered by a material that allows sunlight through, but contains the warmth it brings. Of course, the reverse is also true where the glass or roofing will allow the sunlight through but keep the interior at a lower temperature than the scorching ones we experience in the desert during the day. A greenhouse is meant to regulate the temperature within the structure to keep it at a regulated steady one. Sudden fluctuations could lead to the plants being destroyed, or adversely affected by the extremes of hot and cold.

It does all this while also protecting the plants inside from too much or not enough rain and other weather conditions out of our control.

The variety of greenhouses can differ from a simple roof structure to one that is temperature controlled on the inside with automated sprinklers and humidity controllers. Let Oasis Metals help you build your dream garden. Call us to know more!


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

52,800 tonnes of steel. 6,000,000 steel rivets. Approximately 1000 metres long. An iconic sight, and a landmark recognized around the globe. Welcome to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

According to the information maintained by the Australian Government, the suggestion for a bridge allowing commuters to bypass the busy Harbour area, was first made all the way back in 1815 by Francis Greenway. Of course, it took years before that dream could be realized.

The local governing bodies invited design submissions in 1900, but it would take years for one to be approved and the tender floated.

Sydney had to wait until after the end of the First World War, for more serious plans to come to fruition. A general design for the proposed bridge was prepared by Dr. J J C Bradfield, and officers of the NSW Department of Public Works. The state government then invited tenders from around the world, with the final contract being awarded to the English firm,  Dorman Long and Co of Middlesbrough.

Construction on the “Sydney Harbour Bridge” began in 1924. It would take 1400 men, 8 years, 6 million hand driven rivets, and about 53,000 tons of steel to build the edifice that stands as a symbol for the city today. It cost the government 4.2 million dollars to construct. The bridge now has 8 traffic lanes, 2 of which used to be tram tracks before the trams were decommissioned in the 1950s. There are also 2 rail lines on the bridge, one in each direction.

Inaugurated on the 19th of March, 1932, by the NSW Premier, the Honourable John ‘Jack’ T. Lang, the bridge has since seen millions of vehicles, trains and foot traffic.

A huge tourist attraction – BridgeClimb, started in 1998, pulling in tourists and locals alike. It allows climbers to ascend the catwalks on the bridge all the way to the top. The universal opinion is that the spectacular view is worth the climb up ladders and stairs. The climbs are scheduled throughout the day, during twilight and at night as well. Understandably, safety precautions are detailed, including a blood alcohol reading and a climb simulator, which helps climbers anticipate the conditions they are about to experience.
By all accounts, the BridgeClimb is breath-taking, and is always listed as a must-do for visitors to Sydney. Royals like Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, and celebrities like Matt Damon, Hugo Weaving, Sarah Ferguson, Cathy Freeman, Kylie Minogue and Kostya Tszyu all having done the Climb.

Almost all the components for the construction of this bridge were custom made, and designed specifically for this structure. An example would be the hand driven rivets, which were done to be as accurate as possible. At Oasis Metals, we produce high quality steel gratings and structure support beams like the ones used in the construction of the Sydney Harbour bridge. We take into account your designs, your requirements, and provide you with high quality products that ensure longevity, and stability. Our bottom line is our high rate of client satisfaction, and in this endeavour, we will not waver.

Bonus Fun Fact:

The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arch actually rises and falls about 180 mm due to changes in the temperature!

Stainless Steel Handrails – why are they ideal

Stainless Steel Handrails – why are they ideal

We all known that Stainless Steel is one of the most used steel alloys in industries and homes around the world. Ever wondered what makes stainless steel so popular?
Stainless steel isn’t popular because they’re shiny and because you can see your reflection in them, obviously. However, their physical and visual characteristics do play a significant role in why they are so popular. The main reason as to why Stainless steel and stainless steel products are so extremely popular in homes, offices, and industries are their special resistive and durable characteristics. This steel alloy brings a lot to the table and can be used in a wide range of industrial, home and several other applications.
Stainless steel is generally mass produced, custom fabricated or used in the production of durable consumer and semi-finished goods. These goods include a whole spectrum of products and goods used in our everyday lives. Metal fabrication, automobile customization and fabrication, ship building, and home decor are just a few uses of this alloy. Stainless steel is also used in more domestic products, used in almost every home, office, commercial and public building in the world like handrails, door handles, safety railings, and so on. Handrails are designed to provide stability and support while climbing stairs or using an escalator. These rails are typically post-mounted or wall mounted, and are manufactured to comply with various strength and quality regulations, clearances and specifications. Handrails are manufactured with a number of variations, such as size, design and the types of material used like wood, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Handrails are designed to provide stability and support while climbing stairs or using an escalator. These rails are typically post-mounted or wall mounted, and are manufactured to comply with various strength and quality regulations, clearances and specifications. Handrails are manufactured with a number of variations, such as size, design and the types of material used like wood, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Why Stainless Steel Handrails?

Stainless steel and its unmatched qualities make them the perfect choice for handrails, and here’s why:

Modern Aesthetic Design

Like I said before, Looks matter when it comes to choosing fittings and decor for your home, office or other private, public or commercial facility. Stainless steel, with its shiny reflective surface, makes for good appeal, while serving the primary purpose of a handrail. Being a metal, these handrails can be molded, fabricated and custom made to fit any specifications or designs. Even any standard or minimal design provides your home or facility with a nice, modern, elegant feel.


According to most local, regional and international safety standards and regulations, it is mandatory that handrails meet certain specifications. This is mainly to ensure that handrails provide safety and support, thereby serving their primary purpose. Stainless Steel is a steel alloy that is extremely durable and resistant to various damaging and corrosive elements. Unlike wood, stainless steel does not bend or warp and is resistant to fire and other damaging elements like saltwater. Its extreme resistance to weather and fire, and its non-rusting properties make it ideal for outdoor applications too.

Easy Maintenance

Stainless steel handrails generally require little or no maintenance. They can be easily cleaned, and are not prone to getting damaged or ruined easily, reducing the need for timely replacements and repairs. Extra care like polishing and shining these handrails is about all that needs to be done to make them shine. They do not require polish and remain well-maintained even in the harshest of climates, which is one of the reasons they are used in various industrial establishments.


Stainless steel is inexpensive, or not as expensive as its alternatives when it comes to handrails. Being economical and extreme value for money is icing on the cake, adding to its popularity among both modern and elegant as well as price-conscious people.

Stainless Steel has been in use for ages together, and its aesthetic appeal will always remain. These advantages are not all, but some of the reasons why people prefer to used stainless steel products in their homes, offices and other buildings. The uses of steel and its alloys extend to more than just functionality, they can be used in art, to build some of the most well-known Steel structures in the world, and in a wide range of indoor and office and home decor. There are a lot more applications for steel and steel products like gratings, scaffolding, ladders, etc. Visit our company website to known more about the products and services we offer.

Advantages of Installing Stainless steel Handrails:

Advantages of Installing Stainless steel Handrails:

Stainless steel is one of the most used metals that are chosen for industrial and residential buildings. The reasons for this are varied considering the characteristics that stainless steel brings to the table and the varied applications for which they can be used.

Apart from the construction of homes and industrial improvements, stainless steel is also used for metal fabrication, bicycle manufacturing, customized car production and ship building. Stainless steel in domestic environments is usually used for handrails and railings.  Stainless steel handrails are easy to install and are often used as decks, knee walls, and guardrails.

Durability: Handrails are installed to provide safety and support. Therefore they need to be made with durable materials and stainless steel is the most often the preferred choice precisely because of its strength. Stainless steel railings are more sturdy and long-lasting when compared to other materials such as wood as they never bend or warp.  They are also resistant to the elements of weather and do not rust easily, making them perfect for outdoor applications as well.


Maintenance: Stainless steel handrails require little maintenance. Railings can be cleaned easily with a brush or polish could be added for shine. Stainless steel is used extensively in the construction industry because of its low-cost maintenance. They do not require a periodic polish and could still maintain their appearance even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Economical: Also another reason why stainless steel rails are preferred in industries is the inexpensive costs at which they can be procured and installed.


Aesthetical designs: Stainless steel railings could be aesthetically molded or fashioned into a large variety of designs for both interior and exterior applications. They offer a pleasing modern look. When manufactured they could be galvanized or painted to provide a smooth and glossy look. Galvanized stainless steel not look offers a pleasing appearance but also protects the steel from corrosive elements.