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Steel Gratings and Indoor Home Decor

Steel Gratings and Indoor Home Decor

Steel Gratings are well known for their applications in various sectors, especially in industries and manufacturing establishments. They provide industries with flooring, stairways and access platforms with proper ventilation, safety, slip resistance and easy maintenance. Gratings are manufactured in various shapes and sizes, finished and treated with various processes and a range of coatings, and are designed for standard and specific conditions.

Gratings are most commonly used in industries, production facilities, and packaging industries. They are used to construct durable and heavy-duty work platforms, mezzanines, walkways, access platforms, stairways and operating floors. Apart from gratings being extremely durable and well-engineered, they are also resistant to fire, weather, and other corrosive or destructive elements. All these Advantages of using gratings to construct walkways, pathways, and flooring, and their easy maintenance make them ideal for use in households and homes alike.

Standard steel as well as other special gratings, such as stainless steel gratings, galvanized steel gratings and other coated or treated gratings, can provide added functionality to your home. There are various indoor applications of steel gratings which add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, without any compromise in safety or security or functionality. Here are a few ways you can use steel gratings, incorporated in interior home decor and design.

Indoor Home Decor using Steel Gratings

A number of Innovative, resourceful and crafty homeowners have ingeniously used gratings, floor grates and detailed steel gratings in and around their homes, and the results are astounding.

Indoor Bridges

If you have an Indoor Garden, creek or stone garden, using steel gratings to construct bridges or walkways above or across your garden or creek would be ideal. Gratings, whether standard or special design, provide sufficient ventilation and passage of light through them to allow your plants to grow without any disruption. Apart from not disrupting plant growth, these walkways and bridges are strong enough to bear heavy weights, resistant to corrosion, fire, weather and rust, and provide a means to access your garden or other without and disturbance. Steel gratings can also be used as flooring across overhead open access paths between rooms.


Shower floor

If you’re tired of accidentally flooding your shower floor or bathroom floor, steel gratings are the way to go. Steel and Stainless steel gratings provide both a rustic as well as modern and minimal look and feel, depending on their application. Using stainless steel floor grates or galvanized steel grates in your shower or bathroom, with proper drains installed below can provide you with an ever-dry and beautiful bathroom or shower floor.

Walls and Partitions

Gratings can be used in partitions and indoor walls to provide sufficient privacy, proper ventilation throughout the house and can add appeal to the overall aesthetics of your home.

Special heavy-duty steel gratings can also be used as garage doors or even as entry doors and facade elements.

Steel Roof Gratings

A reinforced framework, with standard or special gratings, can be used to provide roofing for indoor gardens and green rooms. Fitted with a reinforced metal framework and additional safety precautions can make Steel roof gratings extremely durable, to stand the test of time, while allowing your plants, trees, and shrubs to get enough rainwater, sunlight, and air.

Interested in getting to know more about steel gratings, their properties and types? Get in touch with steel gratings manufacturers and experts now.