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Scaffolding – A Permanent Alternative?

Scaffolding – A Permanent Alternative?

Scaffolding has many, many uses and is used to satisfy many needs. They are used in varying processes from construction to advertising, as a temporary solution. Apart from its temporary uses in these many sectors, scaffolds can be used in building and supporting various kinds of stable and permanent structures. These structures can include furnished workshops to buildings and offices that are fully functional. Moreover, scaffolds can also be used to construct platforms, pathways, and bridges for events, access and even in industries. Stairways, bridges, outdoor flooring, indoor decor and access paths for building maintenance are just a few examples. Here are a few permanent and semi-permanent uses of scaffolds, and why they are a better choice.

Permanent Building Solutions:

Staircase and stairways:

Scaffolds can be used to construct a stable and secure complex frame to support single and multistory staircases. These staircases can be installed for permanent (or long-term) use, with stability in bearing heavy loads and constant use. These stairs can either be single row staircases or multiple row staircases that lead to several levels. Scaffolds can also be used to build outdoor staircases to other points of entry, to provide a long-term entry solution.


Exterior Access – Maintenance:

The use of scaffolding in maintenance has been around for ages together. They have been (and still are) used to clean the exterior of windows and huge glass panels in huge buildings. The most common use in maintenance is with suspended scaffolding. These are service platforms that are suspended from a frame installed on the roof of a building. Being supported by cables that can bear heavy loads, these platforms can be controlled to move vertically to access building exteriors with ease. Apart from the suspended type, outdoor platforms can be installed using scaffolds to access building exteriors that are not that many levels high.

Industrial walkways:

Most industries look for flooring solutions that are affordable, require less maintenance, and can be used for a long term. Like Mezzanine floors, scaffolds offer a more reliable and stable structure, ideal for outdoor use. These floors can be fitted with steel, stainless steel or alloy platforms to improve their resistance to corrosion and strength. Being highly secure when perfectly installed, these structures can bear heavy weights, making the ideal for industrial use.

Bridges and pathways:

With proven stability and reliability in proving a strong secure platform, scaffolds make an ideal frame for bridges and paths. Based on the material used, these scaffold structures can be used in various conditions from indoor paths to outdoor bridges. There have been many cases where scaffold frame bridges have been used for events of varying scales as a successful means of access. This only further promotes its use as a long-term solution to meeting the access needs of facilities that require bridges or access platforms that need to be elevated.

Interior Décor and Support:

Innovation in Interior décor has brought about the use of unusual components like scaffolds in enhancing the appeal of interiors. This includes the use of materials like steel gratings and scaffoldings among other products.

Scaffolds can be used to provide structural aid, while being used to suspend and mount decorative items. They can be used to mount paintings, suspend lamps and vases, and to install creative shelves and storage.

Moreover, scaffolds and scaffolding are favored for use in several other facilities, such as studios, labs, and media houses. Visit our website to view our range of products, get more details about our products or to get in touch ith us. Oasis Metal Manufacturing LLC.