Types of Scaffolding

Types of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a platform temporarily constructed to enable construction workers access different heights and carry out work on the building that is being constructed. It is made from steel, bamboo or timber. Steel is most commonly used because of its strength and durability. It is not only used to provide workers with access to the work area but also to carry building materials to various levels of the structure.

The following are the types of Scaffolding and the advantages they have to offer at a construction site. It is vital to choose the right kind, depending on the kind of building that is being constructed.


Supported Scaffolding:

One of the most used scaffolding at construction sites. They are used for the construction of tall structures. This is because they can provide the needed height for workers to access the work area. They are also safe to use because additional support can be added to the scaffolding structure if it is required to bear a lot of weight. They are also available at affordable prices.


Suspended Scaffolding:

Suspended scaffolding is used when it is not possible to construct scaffolding from the base. And therefore the scaffolding is suspended from a roof or a tall building. It is used when repairs need to be carried out on the upper levels of buildings. The advantage is that workers can access high levels of the building but only one or two workers can use it at a time. They are easy and convenient to install.

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Rolling Scaffolding:

They are similar to supported scaffolding but the difference being they have wheels at the base. They can be moved easily moved to the place where the construction worker needs to work. The wheels are locked when it has been moved, and therefore they are secure to use. Another advantage is that it is not required to be deconstructed each time the work is completed; because they are mobile.  And they allow workers access to longer areas.

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Aerial Lifts:

Aerial lifts are mounted on vehicles with a telescopic and rotating boom. They are most commonly used when workers only need to access the exterior of the building, like during the installation of windows. Aerial lifts provide access to multiple levels at different times and can carry many workers with materials that are required for the job. It is very safe to use aerial lifts.

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